About school



Our work team is highly trained to be able to carry out and transmit the culture of Argentine Tango.

 We are professionals who provide high quality teaching in a pleasant environment for optimal learning.


Saigon Tango Dance was born in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to be able to transmit the Tango and the Argentine culture at its best.

Within our activities we have tango classes as well as social parties called Milongas where students and visitors enjoy and enjoy a true Tango atmosphere.

We have a teaching methodology that allows all people who wish to do this activity can do so without limitations of physical, age, race or religion in a pleasant, friendly and familiar environment.


Martin Villafane

Martin Villafane Argentine origin based in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Professor of Native Dances, Latin American and specialist in Argentine Tango. With more than 15 years of experience  in teaching and performing shows with Trang. Martin has traveled more than 15 countries transmitting his culture.

Dong Trang

Trang is a lover and passionate tango dancer. She has performed different shows and workshops together with Martin . She is characterized by the beauty of its movements and the passion it transmits when dancing Argentine Tango.

 Together with Martin, she is the general director of Saigon Tango Dance....